AffiniPay provides two easy ways for you to return a payment to a member. For same day returns, void a payment entirely. If more than a day has passed, the refund function lets you reverse payment with just a click.

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How It Works

Return funds in a snap

Whether you’re voiding a payment or issuing a refund, AffiniPay provides the tools you need to manage your transactions.

Void a transaction

To return a payment the same day a transaction was run, you can easily void it. Voiding simply cancels a transaction and will save you any processing fees or percentage rate based on the dollar amount that was run.

Issue a refund

After one day, you can issue a refund, for the full payment or a partial amount, for up to six months from the time the transaction was run. Funds are easily returned to the cardholder based on the original transaction.

Reconcile with ease

When you issue a refund, the refunded amount is reported and linked to the original payment in your AffiniPay account, establishing a direct payment history and updated balance, for simple reconciliation.

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