Leverage our integrated payment technology to upgrade your solution

Improve your user experience with our flexible, proprietary integrated payment technology. Easily build seamless integrations that allow you to incorporate secure payment processing directly into your solution.

We provide a range of options to accommodate your unique needs and level of resources—from access to our open APIs for self-service development to full-service implementation support for building more complex integrations.

Association Management Systems (AMS)

Partnering with an integrated payment solutions provider like AffiniPay allows you to easily add secure payment processing as a feature of your association management system (AMS).

This enables your software to truly be the central hub for association personnel to manage every aspect of the member experience.

  • Help organizations streamline operations by transforming your AMS into a true one-stop-shop
  • Empower your users to upgrade their member experience with innovative payment tools
  • Minimize security risks and keep data safe by leveraging PCI Level 1-certified technology

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

To stand out from the competition, your learning management system (LMS) must offer benefits beyond superior continuing education management—like integrated payment processing.

With AffiniPay’s proprietary payment technology, it’s easy to incorporate secure online payments into your solution and help your users offer their members a more convenient payment experience.

  • Elevate your user experience by adding cutting-edge features like automatic recurring payments
  • Utilize flexible, scalable technology built to accommodate your needs as you grow
  • Help users optimize their checkout experience by enabling them to accept credit card payments on their site

Event Management Systems

AffiniPay’s integrated payment technology enables you to consolidate every element of managing events and optimizing the in-person and virtual event experience into one event management solution.

By partnering with AffiniPay, you can provide access to simple, secure online payment processing and event management tools—all in a single platform.

  • Increase customer loyalty by adding user-friendly payment processing to your software
  • Take advantage of our in-house customer support to offer users an exceptional helpdesk experience
  • Enjoy unlimited custom data fields to allow users to tie payments to specific events

Custom Payment Integrations

Using our flexible integrated payment solutions means avoiding the headache of building secure payment processing functionality from the ground up.

Open APIs

AffiniPay technology partners can easily build seamless payment integrations by connecting to the AffiniPay Payment Platform via our secure, open APIs.

  • Process payments within your solution using a payment form with hosted fields
  • Allow users to generate payment requests with a link to AffiniPay’s payment portal
  • Embed links within your solution to hosted payment pages with pre-populated fields

Our integrated payment technology allows you to minimize your own PCI scope while upgrading your solution.

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Full-Service Implementation

Our in-house, developer-focused support team is available to assist every AffiniPay partner to ensure successful integration.

If you need a more complex payment integration or an integration with a specialized solution, we can work directly with you and your other partners to develop the required functionality.

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Enhance your user experience with innovative payment security and expert support

Take advantage of PCI Level 1-certified technology

Our payment gateway utilizes advanced data encryption and robust cybersecurity safeguards to protect private payment data.

Allow users to securely store payment information

Tokenization protects sensitive information, so your users can safely store payment details without increasing your PCI liability.

Offer users live support from our in-house experts

Our in-office team of Certified Payments Professionals is committed to supporting your users by providing expert assistance.

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