Professional Payments Network

The Professional Payments Network is an ever-expanding network of accounts payable vendors and several thousand banks, enabling you to receive payments faster, reconcile more easily, and accept payments securely.

Get paid even faster than before


Gain access to thousands of financial institutions to expedite your membership payments.


Guaranteed real-time payments, eliminating any risk of fraud, insufficient funds, or payment delays.


Enhance your membership experience by offering the most convenient payment options on the market today.


Access to all the best ways to get paid

The Professional Payments Network makes payments and reconciliation even easier than before, with automated systems that put more time back into your workday.

Automated virtual card acceptance

Virtual card payments can be accepted directly within your AffiniPay account, and automatically processed without any need for manual entry

Simple reconciliation

Any payments made within the network are automatically added to your transaction dashboard for simpler and speedy reconciliation.

Increased productivity and happier members

Spend less time keying in payment data and more time serving your membership by accepting the payment methods they prefer.