Wild Apricot and AffiniPay are partnering to provide a fully-integrated, custom payment solution for Wild Apricot users.

Introducing Wild Apricot Payments

With Wild Apricot Payments, powered by AffiniPay, your members will never have to leave your website to make a payment, giving them a seamless experience. And with AffiniPay’s secure payment vault, you’ll no longer need to store your member’s sensitive payment data.

Simplified member management

Manage membership applications and events, process renewals automatically, and send communications to your members without leaving the app.

Build your web presence

Choose from a variety of website templates to get your site up and running with ease, and customize it with your logos and branding.

Membership on the go

Make updates to your organization from your mobile device, and let your members interact with you and each other online.

Online payment processing

Let your members pay their fees and donations online with Wild Apricot Payments, powered by AffiniPay.

How it works for your association

All Wild Apricot accounts include Wild Apricot Payments.

  • 100% free support

  • No set up fees

  • 48 hour deposits

  • Recurring billing

  • One-click checkout

  • Wild Apricot is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.