AffiniPay has partnered with PT Avenue to provide a custom payment solution for Parent-Teacher organizations.

Everything you need to run an effective Parent-Teacher organization

PT Avenue is a management tool that makes it easy for PTAs, PTSAs and its members to manage their time and resources. AffiniPay now offers a solution that enables PT Avenue to collect payments online, with a simple click. From member dues and fundraising to tracking payment flow, our integrated system allows your organization to manage member payments with ease.

Interactive calendaring

Set up events in a calendar and have them synced to all parents and teachers connected to the system.

Volunteering made easy

Volunteers can sign up for events and track their hours directly from the app, and organizers can monitor their progress with ease.

Cross-channel communication

Create text, email, or voice messages and send them to your members without needing to leave the app.

Convenient online payments

Accept dues and fees from your members online in the form of a credit card, debit card, or even eCheck payment.

What PT Avenue does for your organization

Secure payments for parent-teacher organizations.

  • Advanced encryption

  • Fraud protection

  • Secure payment data storage

  • AffiniPay is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.