AffiniPay and Invoiced are teaming up to help you securely manage invoices and accept credit card and ACH payments online.

Automated billing and payments

Invoiced is a modern billing system designed to help growing organizations streamline and automate their revenue stream. By integrating with AffiniPay’s online payments technology, professionals will be able to send out invoices and collect online payments, all without needing to leave Invoiced.

A world of payment options

Remove payment friction by letting your customers pay how they want to—credit or debit card, echeck, SEPA, and more.

Hands-free cash flow

Invoiced can oversee your entire automated billing process, freeing you up to focus on bigger issues.

Customizable payment plans

Let you customers pay in installments that fit their budget and schedule, and automatically charge their accounts accordingly.

Easy-to-use customer portals

Get a fully functional customer portal system with your brand and logos, where your customers can monitor their payment status and update information as needed.

How Invoiced helps you

Get more out of your billing process.

  • Get paid as much as two weeks faster

  • Collect five percent more each billing cycle

  • Spend as much as 70 percent less time managing payments

  • AffiniPay is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.