Online Payments

Why Your Association Should Let Members Pay Using QR Codes

Ross Burkhart
June 30, 2021

Every interaction your association has with a member is an opportunity to build loyalty—even collecting payments. And creating a payments experience that makes members feel appreciated and valued requires three technologies.

The first is an online payment solution, which allows you to securely accept payments online, in person, and at events. The second is a mobile app and Bluetooth card reader to manage payments on the go. And the third is a QR code that you can connect to a customizable payment page.

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode containing digital information that can be read by a camera on your members’ mobile devices. Once the QR code is scanned, a notification will appear. In this example, the notification contains a link directing the user to complete their payment using a secure page.

Read on to learn three big advantages of letting your members pay using QR codes.

Upgraded Payment Experience

A 2020 Mastercard study indicates nearly 80% of consumers worldwide use contactless payments in their transactions. The rise of contactless payments isn’t limited to the physical restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic either, with 74% of people surveyed saying they intend to keep paying contactless in the future.

Further, a report by software provider Blue Bite found that the number of QR interactions from 2018–2020 grew by 94%.

In other words, giving your members the ability to pay using QR codes helps contribute to a modern, people-focused payment experience, which can help strengthen your member retention efforts.

Your expansion into new technology and adoption of multiple payment options emphasizes your commitment to making the billing and payments process completely seamless for members. It reaffirms to your members that your association operations are up-to-date, your staff is knowledgeable, and the organization is always searching for ways to improve the member experience.

And when you prove to members that you recognize how valuable their time is, you’ll be rewarded with not only their loyalty but their referrals as well.

Increased Security and PCI Compliance

In addition to being physically safer, taking payments with QR codes is more secure than using traditional payment methods like cash and paper checks.

For example, paper checks pass through multiple hands, which creates opportunities for fraud and/or interception by criminals. But using QR codes means sending your members directly to your custom, mobile-friendly payment page on their mobile device to enter their payment details themselves. The payment pages are hosted on our secure server, and the payment data is automatically encrypted upon entry, sent directly to our system, and never stored locally.

By offering members the option to pay using QR codes, you can create a payment experience that is not only more secure but also minimizes your PCI liability. Because members complete the transaction entirely on their phone, no one in your association even sees their sensitive payment information, let alone writes it down or stores it on site.

In short, when association staff members don’t have to manage your members’ sensitive financial information, it significantly decreases your security risks and reduces your PCI scope.

Faster, Easier, and Safer Payments

Enabling members to pay using QR codes requires no heavy lifting, and incorporating QR codes into your payment process is a breeze.

Many individuals display QR codes in their offices, either at reception or their personal desk to be used after visits. You can also use your QR code at fundraisers, conferences, conventions, and annual meetings, making it easy to secure sponsorships, donations, and registration fees for upcoming events.

For members and supporters who receive physical invoices, you can include your unique QR code on the printed page. This allows them to still easily access your secure payment page but helps them bypass typing a lengthy URL. Adding QR codes can also encourage members currently paying by check to make the switch to electronic payments.

Along with facilitating faster payments, QR codes support safer in-person payments, as well. Members can safely complete transactions on their mobile devices, eliminating the need for you to handle anything and allowing you to maintain the CDC-recommended six feet of distance while indoors.

The next evolution in payment processing is here! All the advantages of adding QR codes to your association are waiting for you. To learn more about AffiniPay’s QR code payment feature, plus our full suite of innovative payment tools, schedule a personalized demo.