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Reduce Cart Abandonment with One-Click Checkout (+4 More Tips)

Janelle Benefield
November 3, 2020

Are you feeling abandoned?

Upwards of 90% of non-profit payments are processed by the association’s payment partner within the organization’s Association Management System (AMS). Additionally, according to Smart Insights, research shows the cart abandonment rate in the nonprofit sector is a whopping 83.1%.

Imagine a world where every person who visits your website and adds a product, donation, or renewal to the shopping cart actually finalizes the payment. In this world, few or none of your shoppers abandon their shopping carts, resulting in increased revenue for your organization.

It’s a beautiful world that does not have to be a pipe dream if your organization is committed to refreshing your checkout processes. In this article, we’ll share a few ways nonprofits can increase shopping cart conversion rate, including implementing one-click checkout, making the process mobile-friendly, and more.

5 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Associations have learned to accept some of the outdated, exasperating payment processes built into their AMSs. Fortunately, lost revenue due to shopping cart abandonment can be mitigated by removing some common barriers you may not realize exist within your payment process.

Lessen shopping cart abandonment by implementing some or all of the following practices:

Ensure your payment page/process has a mobile-friendly design If more than a single page is necessary, make the next steps clear and show a progress bar.

Use hosted fields Hosted fields are hosted on the payment processor’s domain that allow you to collect sensitive information securely. The additional benefit of using hosted fields is that it minimizes your PCI liability.

Capture email addresses early in process This allows for sending receipts, possible future marketing campaigns, and follow-up messaging if any problems are encountered during the payment process.

Minimize the number of fields and don’t require registration Allow visitors to check out without registering or logging in while reducing your payment process to a single page with as few fields as possible.

Implement one-click checkout When you enable the end-user to save credentials, it means that each time they return to the site they are recognized and can finalize their shopping cart with a single click, which is the gold standard.

Popularized by online retail giants like Amazon, one-click checkout is one of the most effective ways nonprofits can reduce cart abandonment. A one-click checkout process can increase your conversion rate substantially because it eliminates all obstacles between website visitors and completed orders.


If you are feeling abandoned, take time with your AMS provider to review your online checkout process and adopt ways to improve the member experience. Now, more than ever, every penny counts. Consider that it might be time for some updates!