Partner Spotlight

Simplify Member Payments with the AffiniPay-Kenect Integration

John Lehman
April 5, 2022

We are excited to announce that, thanks to a new integration partnership between AffiniPay and Kenect, associations can now send text messages to their members and receive payments via text messaging.

Kenect is a business texting provider that allows associations to connect with their members via text messaging while using your existing business phone number. Plus, with integrated online payments through AffiniPay, you’ll be able to accept member dues, donations, and registration fees via text message!

In this article, we’ll explore some of the biggest benefits of the AffiniPay-Kenect integration and share why associations should take advantage.

Why should associations incorporate texting into their operations?

Collecting payments from members can often be remarkably frustrating. Even if you try to call them or send a polite email reminder, you may still end up playing the waiting game. This is because phone calls are less likely than ever to be answered and only about 10–25 percent of emails are opened these days. These platforms are often seen as a nuisance to modern consumers who mostly associate them with spam and clutter.

This is where a texting platform can make a world of difference. The open rate of text messages is 98 percent compared to an open rate of 25 percent for email. Additionally, 96 percent of text messages are read within three minutes, and it’s reported that about 66 percent of consumers would pay more for the convenience of a service that has a mobile texting channel supporting it.

Kenect converts your business line into a texting platform your staff can use to send messages, promote content, start a live chat, or for any other communication needs. Using Kenect, association professionals can connect with members using the platform they prefer rather than a chatbot on your website.

How does text-to-pay with AffiniPay and Kenect work?

So how does Kenect’s texting platform work with AffiniPay? It's simple.

First, you’ll need to be enrolled in Kenect and have an active AffiniPay for Associations account. Then, log in to your Kenect account and click on the payments icon. To send your member an invoice, simply choose the relevant invoice, input the member’s phone number, and click the “Send” button.

Your member will receive the invoice in their text messages, where they can open it and enter their payment information. Once they submit the necessary information, you’ll receive payment. It’s just that easy! And, much like your other AffiniPay transactions, you’ll see all the details of the text transaction listed in your AffiniPay dashboard.

“We have seen a rise in the need for professionals to connect with their members and email does not always deliver the results or the immediacy you need,” Kenect CEO and Co-Founder Shaun Sorensen said. “Our integration will increase the tools available to associations so they can send a targeted message to their members to collect a dues payment…and have the payment routed through their existing AffiniPay account.”

How will the AffiniPay-Kenect integration benefit me?

The AffiniPay-Kenect integration allows you to diversify and expand both your communication tools and payment options, catering to platforms your members prefer to use. Both Kenect and AffiniPay for Associations utilize advanced security measures and are built to meet PCI compliance standards, which means all sensitive data is protected.

Get paid faster Early data shows that nearly ⅔ of the time, you’ll receive a payment within 48 hours of sending the SMS payment request. Further, recurring payments requested via text with Kenect’s platform are collected nearly 100 percent of the time.

Save time The AffiniPay-Kenect integration can save your membership and finance departments up to 40 minutes per person per day by sending communications collecting payments via text. This means not only will you spend considerably less on the phone and sending emails, you can also handle member dues renewals via text-to-pay.

Reduce overdue payments Kenect also gives you the power to send your members a dues payment reminder via text message, complete with your AffiniPay payment link to let them pay immediately. All funds are automatically processed in AffiniPay and deposited into your local account.

Expand communications Kenect can give you the ability to send out a broadcast message to up to 1,000 people at a time. Looking to target a group of members who have not renewed yet or a younger demographic? Text messaging is a great solution to get their attention.


Texting is simply the fastest way to communicate with your members, donors, and supporters. Now it’s the best way to collect payments too! To learn more about the AffiniPay-Kenect integration, reach out to our support team.